Gergely Wootsch
Animation & Illustration
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British Library - What is Magna Carta?

Two animated videos produced for the British Library. Narrated by Monthy Python's Terry Jones.

This first film of two, commissioned by the British Library, and narrated by Monty Python's Terry Jones, investigates how the Magna Carta came to be under the rule of Bad King John.


800 Years of Magna Carta

Over the centuries Magna Carta has influenced kings and statesmen, lawyers and lawmakers, prisoners, Chartists and Suffragettes. But how did this old piece of parchment become such a powerful symbol of our rights and freedoms? The second animation explores Magna Carta’s 800 year legacy.


Client: British Library
Narrated by Terry Jones
Directed / Designed by Gergely Wootsch
Producer: Laura Thomas
Sound Design by Marian Mentrup
Produced by Beakus

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Marcus Armitage
Franky Swan
Isaac Holland
Additional Design by Isaac Holland