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An After Effects workflow utility to render, review and manage render outputs.


A handy After Effects workflow utility for rendering, reviewing, and managing outputs.

RenderQueue+ adds output versioning, background rendering, ability to set relative output paths, image-sequence review and managing utilities to your After Effects toolset. And more!



Background and Network Rendering

RenderQueue+ can render output modules in the background so you don’t have to stop work to wait for renders to complete. You can also render via a batch file that can be launched across multiple computers on a shared-network. This might sometimes be handy for small studios or individuals where a render-farm solution is not available.

Version Control

You can enable versioning for any of your output modules by setting ‘Version Control’ (from the ‘Versions’ drop-down menu). You have options to increment and reset the version, and also, to toggle between the existing versions via the drop-down menu. This can be handy when comparing revisions, or generally, to keep things neat and tidy. You can import, delete, or play (with Shotgun's RV) the outputs.

Relative (and absolute) render paths

RenderQueue+ can set your output paths to be relative to the current project.

For example, let’s assume your project files are in the comps folder, and we want the renders to be placed in the folder called renders in the same folder as the comps folder.

C:/work/comps/My After Effects Project.aep

We can point to the renders folder by entering the following in Settings:


The output path will be set once we select ‘Set Version Control’ for the item. Simple!


If you’re a Deadline/RV user you can call RV from the panel to review your rendered files in RV. There’s also an option to specify custom switches if you.

Restore project used to render the given version

The panel automatically archives a copy of your comp when you start a render: this means, you can always refer back to the project used to render a given version.


Name your output comps sensibly

The output comp’s name is automatically picked-up and used as the name of the render files.

Make sure it has some sensible name and contains no special characters (or at least bear in mind, these will be removed from the output name).

Make sure your output comp starts and ends at the right frames

This might sound strange, but the tool always renders the entirety of your output comp. Hence, if your comp starts at frame 1, and finishes at frame 350, it will render all the frames between and including 1 and 350.

This is enforced as a matter of principle to keep things, but chiefly, the author of this script organised. It is sometimes nice to have restrictions and it’s better to be tidy and to make sure the output comp is set-up correctly.

…But, but, I have to render a range!

If you delete frames from an existing sequence of images, those frames will automatically be re-rendered (the panel automatically sets sequences to skip existing files when you set Version Control). This allows you to re-render ranges, and specific frames too. RenderQueue+ comes with a little frame manager to help you delete image ranges, and/or specific frames straight from After Effects.


As things stand the script does not support MacOS.

Please send me an email if you’d like to see support added.

The versioning pattern is hard-coded and there’s no way to customize it. FFmpeg output could do with more presets and the ability to add audio.

Bugs are possible and likely. It would be greatly appreciated if you reported any you spot!


Place the RenderQueue+.jsxbin and the RenderQueuePlus folder into the ScriptUI Panels folder. It’s located here (replace ‘CC 2018’ with your After Effects version name):

C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CC 2018\Support Files\Scripts\ScriptUI Panels

After restarting After Effects you should see a ‘RenderQueue+.jsxbin’ menu-item at the bottom of the ‘Window’ menu.

On the first launch, you will be prompted to enter the email address used for the purchase and the licence key received.